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Counselling and therapy are processes that can help you on the road to recovery by engaging in self-discovery which can lead to growth helping you to move forward in your life. I will be able to offer you support with my experience and the professional tools at my disposal. At times this will involve being challenged, encouraging you to adopt new attitudes and perceptions which will impact on the way you chose to live your life. It is very much about you finding new ways of thinking and living via our sessions.


Counselling tends be short term, with a fixed number of reasonably structured  sessions, with the focus on a few specific areas you wish to deal with, with the emphasis on using techniques to alleviate your discomfort. Psychotherapy is appropriate when there is a need for a more exploratory, deeper and ongoing process, which will give you continuing opportunities to rethink through the different aspects of your life.

I offer an initial free 15 minute call to find out what you are seeking help with and  whether you would feel comfortable talking with me. It would also enable me to gauge whether I would be the right counsellor to meet your needs and if so to set up the time for our first 50 minute consultation.

Please, email or use the form on the 'Contact Details' page to arrange this initial conversation.

Contact Details

Tel: 07930964798


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